Saragolla Spaghetti, 17.6 oz


Saragolla is a variety of wheat, an un-hybridized heirloom grain grown in Abruzzo for centuries. During the 19th century it was so widely used throughout southern Italy that the term "saragolla" was commonly used to identify durum wheat in general.

Saragolla is higher in protein and fiber, and distinctively tasty with a distinguishing light brown hue and nutty flavor.

From the Italian word spago meaning "string or thread," there is no pasta in the world more famous than Spaghetti. Serve this pasta with olive oil based sauces or simple tomato sauce so you may enjoy its flavor and texture.

Cooking Time: 9-11 min

Ingredients: stone-ground Saragolla wheat semolato (semi-whole wheat flour), water 

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